"I studied the cello with Steve for many years, mostly while at the University of Utah.  He (patiently!) taught me so much about creating a warm tone, focused intonation and especially about musicianship.  He helped me to see where I was playing with tension, both physically and especially mentally.  Steve has a gift for bringing out the most in a person with his positive and calm style of teaching.  I am proud to say that Steve helped me to feel confident enough to continue my pursuit of music as a career." 

Cassie O.  Salt Lake City, UT

"Linda offers such genuine support and encouragement, and endless patience. I found their website when I was looking for a violin teacher, and picked her because she had 20 years experience as a school teacher which usually means one has a lot of patience. I went in as a complete beginner, knowing practically nothing about playing. Her eager willingness to help shined through, and she has such strong teaching skills and explains techniques clearly until you have it down. You won't find a more caring, knowledgeable, sweet teacher out there."

Amy C.  Lake Oswego, OR

"Steve and Linda are excellent string teachers for any and all students.  They are such caring people, and they have a wealth of experience.  I studied cello with Steve from age 14 to 18.  Although I didn't originally intend to pursue cello performance as a career, Steve's teaching gave me a foundation in cello technique that kept the door open for me to eventually receive college degrees in music performance and a career in a major symphony orchestra cello section.  I still wish I could have a lesson with him every week!  He is so patient and encouraging.  Steve and Linda will make you feel like family."

Kevin S.  Salt Lake City, UT